Benefits of Pets

Why Have A Pet?

There has been much research involving the amazing health benefits of pets. Not just a dog or a cat, but even fish or rodents can increase endorphins, just making you feel better in general. Reports show that having a pet can drastically improve anxiety, boost your immune system and even have a positive effect on your social life!

Benefits of Pets

Benefits of Pets: Love & Happiness 

Think about it. Having a dog requires you walk it, play with it, feed it, and all of these bring on a natural sense of accomplishment and a genuine feeling of happiness. Taking care of a pet allows you to focus your attention on a fuzzy friend that will love you unconditionally rather than thinking about all of your insecurities and unpleasant events your day may have thrown at you. That wagging tail, that familiar chirp, that squeak of a wheel, all of these things add up to joyful experiences.

Benefits of Pets: Social Interaction

According to studies, one of the most vital components of having a pet is human touch/interaction. Animals are used to break through hardened criminals’ callous facades and in a lot of cases it works. Having a nice, soft furry pet reciprocate feelings that may have otherwise been seemingly unobtainable, gives people hope. Also, there are networks of people with pets where strangers can meet and become friends over fun pet stories or seek advice from other pet owners.Benefits of Pets

Benefits of Pets: Your New Best Friend

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month and if you’re on the market for the perfect pup adoption is totally the way to go! There are plenty of dogs out there waiting for their best friend to come adopt them. That best friend might just be you! Check out this video (below) of adorable animals doing silly things that will surely brighten your day! If these little bundles of joy have you pining for a pup, kitty, fishy, etc. of your own, try finding a local shelter or pet shop and see what your options are!