Men, it’s time to brush up on your Grooming 101. Break away from the idea that self-pampering and looking fresh is reserved for the ladies. You may be surprised that grooming is critical for both a man’s appearance and health. Tidy up with a few of these grooming tips for men.

Grooming Tips for Men The Complete Guide

Grooming Tips for Men #1: Stay Clean

If you’re on the fence of whether or not to take a shower, just go for the wash. It doesn’t hurt to slough off dead skin cells and accumulating body odor before walking out the door. However, try to avoid using the same body wash for your face since they may be too tough on the skin. Invest in a cleanser or face wash that suits your skin type (i.e., dry, oily, combination, etc.) to clean and exfoliate your skin.

Grooming Tips for Men #2: Shaving

Men were dealt an unlucky card with facial hair (some more than others) and it’s time you learned how to tame the beast. Let’s start with razors. You have the option of standard razors with replaceable heads or electric razors, either foil or rotary. Foil razors offer a closer shave while rotary razors are better at cutting longer hairs. Some electric shavers will offer dual features for a more diverse shave.

When working with a standard razor, apply a warm towel to your face to open your pores and soften the bristles. Then after applying shaving cream or gel, shave along the direction your hair grows and keep the skin pulled taut. For electric razors, you can apply a pre-shave lotion to keep the skin from drying out.

Grooming Tips for Men #3: Beards

If you’ve always wanted to try the bearded look, but never knew how to get started, here are a few tips. For your first time, grow out your beard for about a month and then head to a barber so that they can shape and groom it for you as a starter. Most of the maintenance will require the occasional dry trim using beard trimmers or barber scissors to maintain an even length and to keep your beard shaped. Keep the neck area clean and don’t let your mustache go past your lips. Shampoo daily and condition as you would when you shower.

Grooming Tips for Men #4: Moisturize

Did you know that men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s? That’s 20% more reasons why you should be moisturizing your skin. After a good face wash and shave, apply some toner to tighten your pores, hydrate your skin, and smooth it out. Then treat your face to some moisturizer to keep the skin elastic and prevent future wrinkles or sagginess. Don’t forget to pamper the rest of your body with some lotion!

Grooming Tips for Men #5: Nails

Despite “man” being embedded into the word, manicures don’t come off as well… manly. Yet you’d be surprised how many well groomed men are getting their nails done or are at least keeping them nice and tidy themselves. This means keeping them cut with a round, filed finished. You may want to pop by a salon to take care of your cuticles and to buff out your nails for a healthy shine.

Grooming Tips for Men #6: Teeth

Brushing one’s teeth twice a day should be fairly ingrained, but there are other regiments involved for quality dental care. Flossing, mouthwash, and tongue cleaning keep your teeth healthy and bad breath at bay. Another step you can take in male grooming is to whiten your teeth at home or by a professional. Smile!

Grooming Tips for Men #7: Hair

You wouldn’t just walk out of the house in your bed hair would you? Well, if you agree that you shouldn’t, here are some valuable hair grooming tips that add a world of difference to how you look. First off, invest in a quality haircut. If it’s been more than two months and you’ve got hairs sneaking beneath your collar, it’s time for a cut or at least a touch up. Take care of your hair with regular washes and treat it to some conditioner. A touch of hair product like wax or gel after a good comb will give you control over your mane, giving you a maintained look.

Also, don’t forget the little guys! That means all those little hairs that most people get a 20/20 view of. Please take the time to trim your nose hairs once one of them starts getting daylight. The same goes for your ear and neck hairs. Finally, if you’ve got eyebrows full of character, keep them looking handsome with a bit of professional shaping and the occasional tweezing of stray hairs.

Grooming Tips for Men #8: Fragrance

If you’re a big product kind of guy, you might be emitting more than one smell. Deodorant, body wash, aftershave, and lotions have smells that can compound, but this can be avoided with unscented products to give to freedom of fragrance. If you’re unsure of what kind of cologne you should be wearing, step into any department store and head over the fragrance department. The associates there should be able to give you the lowdown on what smell(s) work for you.

Grooming Tips for Men #9: Fashion

While fashion taste is different for everyone, the best favor you can do for yourself is buy clothes that fit your body type. You might even want to have some of your clothes tailored especially for suits. If you need help in the fashion department, men’s magazines, personal shoppers, or even your stylish friends can lend you a helping hand.