Following healthy diet plans can be stressful when busy schedules or uncontrollable food factors get in the way. There is also a slight stigma to dieting nowadays with many diets’ overall nutritional value being put into question. Here are a few diets that have undergone much scrutiny, and have been evaluated by experts to ensure results.

healthy diet plans

Healthy Diet Plans – DASH

In recent years there have been many developments and innovations in dieting. One particular diet has encompassed all the healthy aspects of an eating regimen that has been sought after by doctors and dietitians alike. This diet, called DASH, is actually sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. It is used to lower blood pressure and boasts being one of the most nutritional diets. It is low in sodium and high on fruits, veggies, low-fat or fat free dairy products. The lack of salt and sweets is the biggest component of the diet along with the consumption of foods with high potassium. This is also a great diet to follow to safely lose weight with the addition of exercise.

Healthy Diet Plans – TLC Diet

The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet was created by the Cholesterol Education Program under the National Institute of Health and endorsed by the American Heart Association. The key to the success of this diet lies in heavily cutting back on saturated fats and eating more fiber. Though this diet is has not yet been proven to provide weight loss, it is an excellent diet to follow to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol. Though, usually reducing your fat intake does positively affect weight loss.

Healthy Diet Plans – Flexitarian

Basically a vegetarian diet, but not as strict, the Flexitarian diet is for all of those people out there who find it too difficult to completely cut out meat. A flexitarian is basically a vegetarian that eats meat on occasion, and the occassion(s) are up to the individual. The diet is highly plant-based and requires adding alternative meats such as tofu, and “new meats,” like certain legumes and eggs. This is a good diet to follow if you have diabetes as it strongly emphasizes eating fruits and veggies. The American Diabetes Association does find the vegetarianism to be healthful, so as long as the meat being eaten is sparse, this diet can work as well.

Healthy Diet Plans – Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic diet produced by the health experts at Mayo Clinic is designed as a more permanent eating regimen as opposed to a lot of weight loss diets followed for a specified amount of time. Initially there is a two-week period dedicated to weight-loss, but the diet also provides information about living the diet by offering ways to maintain general healthy habits, portions and making healthy food choices in the future. There is a pyramid they provide, which includes large portions of foods that naturally have low calories, like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fish.

Healthy Diet Plans – Engine 2

Out of all of the diets, this diet is probably the most difficult to follow considering it pretty much requires an entire lifestyle change. The creator, Rip Esselstyn, a former Olympian and currently a firefighter from Cleveland encourages you throw away everything that is processed or contains animal products. The diet is basically vegan and raw without the use of vegetable oils. You choose whether you want to diet as a “firefighter,” which means immediately tossing everything you currently have in your kitchen that does not abide by the diet’s rules. If that is too much, you can start as a “cadet,” which is more of a focused plan consisting of 28-days, a much more manageable timetable. With the cadet option you are required to get rid of certain things week by week instead of all at once. The Engine 2 diet allows you to eat all you want, because the foods you will be eating are so rich in vitamins and minerals.

Effects of Dieting

As with any dieting plan it is best to consult with a professional. Changing the way you eat can have a vastly positive affect not only on your physical body, but will undoubtedly increase energy and sharpness of mind. There are so many diets out there and the best thing to do is find one that suits you. Make sure whatever diet you choose does not require you starve yourself. Eating food to sustain your body is vital in keeping your health intact because weight loss is a lot less appealing if lack of nutrients causes a slew of other health issues. One of the most common problems with dieters is hunger. Physicians say you should eat until you are full, so be sure to eat the right things to fill you up. All of these diets listed have a common theme, and that is fruits, veggies and whole grains. These are your body’s best friend. Processed foods should be eaten sparingly if at all. Above all, be healthy!