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lder Driver Safety Awareness Week: Driving is one of life’s greatest luxuries. There is something therapeutic about the open road and having total freedom to choose where we go. However, as we grow older, we encounter many physical, mental, and sensory challenges that hinder our ability to drive.

This week (December 5-9) is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, an annual event that aims to educate people of the importance of transportation safety among older individuals. This year, the American Occupational Therapy Association is encouraging older drivers to stay active within their communities.

To commemorate Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, here are three tips for older drivers:

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Tip #1: Stay Fit

Regular exercise can help you stay in shape and improve your flexibility. Driving can be physically demanding, as it requires the driver to turn the steering wheel and look over his or her shoulder. Find a way to fit an exercise plan into your daily routine. Simple stretches and strength training can help you maintain your health and continue to drive a car.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Tip #2: Monitor Vision and Hearing

Driving requires individual to have adequate vision and hearing when operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, as we grow older, are eyes and ears are subject to a handful of age-related problems. It is important you visit your doctor regularly to monitor the effectiveness of both your vision and hearing. Glasses can help drivers navigate the road more clearly. Hearing aids may also be helpful.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Tip #3: Take a Course

Older drivers should consider taking a driving course to refresh their abilities. While the course can help improve your driving skills, it may also help reduce the costs of car insurance. It is important you recognize your abilities as a driver, however also be aware of your limitations as a driver. If you find yourself confused while driving or are genuinely worried about your ability to drive safely, you should consider stopping driving altogether.